Backyard Patio Ideas To Help You Create A Wonderful Oasis

Paver patio with furniture

Do You Want To Make Your Backyard The New Go-To Spot For Your Family?

A backyard should and can be more than grass and plants. You can make your backyard a beautiful and usable space by installing a patio! They’re amazing spaces for relaxing during your me-time and hosting your friends and family. You can use these backyard patio ideas to transform your backyard into that space.

But, right now, what do you see? Grass, plants, natural areas, and…nothing else. It’s a plain look that was nice for a while but not so much anymore. A patio can help break up that green uniform look.

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Backyard Patio Ideas You’ll Love

1. Fire feature

Outdoor Living Space with fire pit

You can bring a bit of that camping experience to your backyard with a fireplace or fire pit.

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as sitting around a warm fire with your loved ones. Some people’s best memories involve family and friend time around a fireplace.

Even when they aren’t lit they still provide visual interest and are a focal point for outdoor areas. There are several fireplace and fire pit styles and materials you can choose to build your fire feature with.

2. Sitting wall

Patio with sitting wall around a fire pit

You can put a sitting wall around your fire pit!

Sitting walls are a fantastic addition to outdoor living spaces. They’re on this list of backyard patio ideas because they fit in with the natural look of backyards. You can add a back to it so people have something to lean on. If you add pillows and cushions you can make it even comfier.

You can make them from stone or wood depending on what style fits best for your home.

3. Water feature

Water feature by small patio

Water features are one of the most unique things you can add to your home’s exterior.

People love the sight and sound of running water, but most have to drive or hike somewhere to get it. You can get that whenever you want with a backyard water feature. Relax beside it when you need to decompress. Enjoy watching people gather around it for conversations during parties. Start the water feature trend in your neighborhood and friend group.

Ponds, pondless waterfalls and streams, and fountains are great options for your patio. You can also combine them for an even more incredible feature!

4. Roof structure

Backyard patio ideas complete with a solid roof structure

You may want this the most out of all these backyard patio ideas.

Pergolas are one option. These are wood structures where the roof is made from beams of wood that have space between them. This creates some shade while still letting sunlight through. You can add cloth covering to it as well as lights and vines or hanging plants.

Solid roof structures are the other option. These are great if you want more shade or to be able to enjoy your patio during the rain.

5. Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most upscale backyard patio ideas

You can add an elegant and upscale atmosphere to your patio with an outdoor kitchen.

There are several benefits to having an outdoor kitchen:

  • No having to shuttle food from the kitchen to your patio
  • The chef is still part of the party and not cut off or left out
  • They look amazing
  • No fear of setting off the smoke alarm

Elevate Your Backyard With One Or More Of These Backyard Patio Ideas

Did you find inspiration in any of these ideas? It’s time to move away from that plain, grassy backyard toward a space you can use to make wonderful memories.

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