Best Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Large tile stamped concrete patio design

There’s nothing better than getting your family and friends together for a party on your backyard patio on a warm summer day. And stamped concrete patios are the gathering spot your home needs to bring all your loved ones together.

Stamped concrete is an affordable and durable building material. And because of how customizable it is, any stamped concrete patio ideas you can dream up are within reach with help from the right building team.

In this post, we’ll examine a few popular patio designs to inspire your creative process, show you just how valuable stamped concrete patios are, and tell you who you can call to build one today.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete Patios


Concrete is the most customizable building material available. You or your patio contractor can stain it in several different colors and patterns or construct it into tiles of multiple sizes and styles to make your wildest stamped concrete patio ideas come to life.

Cost-Effective Way to Build an Outdoor Living Space

Finding a building material for your patio that balances elegance and affordability is challenging.

Many homeowners turn to brick or hardwood to create a stunning outdoor living space but pay more than they hoped for it. On the other hand, those who build their patios out of something cheaper, like gravel, ultimately don’t get the comfort or visual benefits they desire. But stamped concrete balances those elements, providing a stunning appearance while remaining comparatively cheap.

Additionally, you can build your concrete patio to resemble those more traditional materials because of how customizable stamped concrete is. For example, if you want the appearance of hardwood but don’t want to pay extra, you can stain and color your stamped concrete surface to closely mimic the appearance of wood.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Many homeowners invest time and thousands of dollars into building outdoor living spaces only to watch those investments waste away from poor weather resistance.

Many common patio materials fade in direct sunlight or wear down with enough moisture. On the other hand, stamped concrete is strong enough to maintain its color for years and won’t weaken through prolonged rainfall. And in perfect weather conditions and with enough maintenance, your stamped concrete patio will last for decades without showing signs of wear and tear.

Build a Beautiful Patio with These Stamped Concrete Ideas

Stamped concrete patio

Wood-Textured Stamped Concrete

Manufacturers paint and stain wood-textured concrete surfaces to resemble hardwood as close as possible.

As a result, these concrete patios provide the classic look of a hardwood outdoor living space with all the weather resistance and budget benefits of stamped concrete pavers.

Herringbone Stamped Concrete

Herringbone stamped concrete patios use a series of small, elaborately placed concrete bricks to create a beautiful and elegant pattern. These are some of the most popular stamped concrete patio ideas, primarily for their uniquely intricate design.

Simple Brick Stamped Concrete Pattern

Not all concrete patio ideas need to emulate hardwood or have an extravagant stamped concrete pattern to turn heads. Rather, some of the most eye-catching backyard patios emphasize simplicity over everything else.

One simple stamped concrete patio design idea is to go for an elegant, simple brick concept. Like the wood-textured patterns, brick patterns provide the unique rustic aesthetic of brick patios with the increased customizability and comfort of a stamped concrete slab.

Smooth Slate-Skin Stamped Concrete

Smooth stamped concrete patio

Like brick patterns, smooth slate-skin concrete patios often win over homeowners for their beautiful simplicity.

Unlike the previous three stamped concrete patio ideas, smooth slate-skin spaces don’t have clearly defined tiles or planks. Instead, the concrete remains completely smooth so that it’s easier to clean and more comfortable to walk on.

Smooth Slate-Skin Stamped Concrete is also highly customizable because of its simplicity, even more so than other stamped concrete patterns. You can install these patios in nearly any color to make your wildest design visions come to life.

Randomly-Placed Stone Stamped Concrete

This stamped concrete patio design breaks away from anything we’ve examined so far. Rather than using a series of tiles to create a uniform texture or pattern, these patio ideas use randomly placed stones to make an organic, unique aesthetic.

With qualified concrete experts, your randomly-placed stones won’t look or feel out of place on your stamped concrete patio; they simply won’t have a familiar, easily replicable pattern. 

Ashlar Slate Stamped Concrete

Ashlar Slate patios use rectangular concrete tiles of different dimensions, patterns, and sometimes colors to create a stamped concrete patio design that feels unique while maintaining uniformity.

Ashlar slate is easily customizable, so you can experiment with different tile aesthetics to find one that fits your design vision. Because of the individuality across each tile, you can bring dozens of different colors and styles to your patio to build something that truly stands out.

Honeycomb Tile Stamped Concrete

Honeycomb stamped concrete patios use hexagonal tiles laid side-by-side with a small divot between them to create a honeycomb pattern.

One of the unique selling points for honeycomb stamped concrete patio ideas is that you can order the tiles in several dimensions. You can either size them up to create a simple pattern or shrink them down to make something more elaborate. 

Polished Flagstone Stamped Concrete

Polished flagstone stamped concrete patio ideas have taken off recently due to their unique design. From a top-down view, these patios look like someone dropped a heavy object onto a smooth concrete surface and naturally formed an elaborate, elegant artwork.

Like randomly-placed stone patios, flagstone living spaces are impossible to replicate exactly, but no stone section appears out of place.

Beyond patios, polished flagstone is an excellent fit for a stamped concrete driveway, walkway, or even interior flooring.

Bring Your Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas to Life with CPL Concrete Design

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